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Shine Day Brum is a Kidsmeet event where children from different schools will get together to share great learning. The Tag for the event is #kmbrum


There are 3 ways to present:

  1. Presentation - a 7 minuter on our stage.
  2. Tabletop - talk about what you've done while people tour round the different tabletop displays.
  3. Online - a 2 minute pre-recorded  


You can find out more and sign up by going to shineday.paganelschool.net, or you can sign up below.


Who's Coming

7 minute presentations

  1. Paganel Primary School - CATsEYES how we use flip cameras to reflect on our learning and co-construct future learning.
  2. Leigh JI School - Video presentation
  3. Wetheringsett VCP School - Outdoor learning and ICT
  4. Leamore Primary School - Beatles Band Hero
  5. Paganel Primary School - Planning an Event
  6. Wetheringsett VCP School - Running a school radio station 


Tabletop Presentations 

  1. Prince Albert J.I. School - blogging
  2. Leamore Primary School - ICT and the sixties 
  3. Paganel Primary School year 3 - The Museum Project
  4. Wetheringsett VCP School - Uganda, London and us. 


2 minute online presentations

  1. Old Mill Primary School (Angry Birds in the Classroom)
  2. Green Park School 


Sign Up Here 


Have a look here to see how the school council are organising the day:



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